E5200 Bad Sensors?


Jun 15, 2008
I got an e5200 last spring, and have been running it at least at 3 ghz since I bought it. My normal voltage in BIOS is 1.1875. I have it set right now at 1.20625, which gives me voltages of 1.184 idle and 1.168 load in Windows, with a clock speed of 3.5 Ghz (333 x 10.5). Bios temps are 28-30, measured after being in Windows for over a day. But in Windows, it never goes under 38, (RealTemp, 100 C TJ Max). I get load temps of 65 max P95 11 hours. I am using a Freezer 7 Pro, with AS Ceramique. These past few days have been much cooler than the past few months, so that is my concern. I figured my high temps were due to the summer heat. Should the BIOS temps be so much lower than Windows idle?


Jun 26, 2009
With Intel speedstep (if you didn't turn it off) the bios probably lowers the voltage down to .85V and the clock probably gets lowered too because it doesn't take almost any CPU power to run the bios. In windows it might need more voltage or it might not work properly...what temp monitoring program do you use? Try speedfan...and maybe try updating the bios...good luck! :)
PS: if you overclock, turn speedstep off...