E5200 vs e6300?


Mar 3, 2009
There is no dedicated graphic card named HD5570 according to AMD official website. Is it an integrated video card?

BTW, are you talking about the PENTIUM E6300 or C2D E6300. The PENTIUM E6300 is much better.
Uhhh, the 5570 is extremely weak. Get a 5670 for $10ish more, which performs equal to a 4830 and will be leaps and bounds better than a 5570.


Also, a E5200 is a P2D at 2.6GHz, the E6300 is a P2D at 2.8GHz. How much is the price difference? If it's under $20 difference, get the E6300. If you are planning to overclock, both are great at OCing, hitting 4.0GHz on air without much trouble with cheap <$30 coolers.


Jan 27, 2010
Itll already be running at the maximum multiplier... and i doubt your gonna go pay 999 for extreme series CPUs...
Multiplied OCing just raises the clock multiplier, without having to raise the FSB/BCLK etc, just voltage if its unstable. Benefits of it... i honestly dont know

without vo9tage adjustments does this mean voltage on auto ???

jeeze Id say around 3.6 or 3.7 if you voltage is locked at stock
The E5200 is $67 on newegg. E6300 is $80. Unless you have a G31/G41 board, get the E6300. Don't worry about the FSB difference. With the E6300's 10.5 multiplier, a 400 MHz FSB gets you a 4.2 GHz core freq if the core will run that fast.
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Because both those CPU overclocks overclock about the same, about and extra 800 mhz easily.

Two Pentium dual core CPUS with both at 3.5 GHz sound like they equal. But if one is running on 1333 fsb (as the overclocked E6300 will) and one is running on a 1066 fsb, the E6300 is about 30% faster. And for the E5200 to run on a 1333 fsb will require lots of voltages, nearly max or over the TDP where the E6300 is comfortable, hardly breaking a sweat at 1333 fsb and doing so on stock voltage.

For the same core speed, The E6300 will be maybe 10% faster. Performance will not scale linearly with the FSB.

And with either CPU, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to reach 4 GHz. The best I was able to do with my E5200 was 3.78 GHz (315 MHz X 12).