Jan 24, 2010
thats bacicley it they will be overclocked the e5300 about 3.8ghz and the q8200 as wuch as i can the stuff i have g31m-es2l ,4gb 1066 ,5770 ,antec 520w, antec 300 case ,if i get the q8200 i have to stick with the older 160gig hdd i have but if i get yhe e5300 i can get the spinnpoint f3 500gig systems main use all most everything gaming,1080p movies ,video editigg all that stuff and more thanks
OK. Let's see if I can figure this out.

First of all, motherboard and CPU's are economy components. You will be able to reach higher core freqs with the E5300. G31/G41 boards do better with CPU's with relative low FSB speeds and high internal multipliers. 3.6 GHz to around 4.0 GHz is not unusual.

The Q8200 is just the opposite. In addition, the Q8200 CPU family are known for being not particularly good overclockers. But the Q8200 is a quad core CPU.

If you haven't bought parts yet, save your money on the memory. Get good DDR2-800 RAM. Neither CPU will be able to use speed of the 1066 RAM. Put the money toward the F3 hard drive.