E6850 speedfan temps correct?


Jun 8, 2007
In speedfan 4.32 it reports these values for my E6850:

Temp 1: 38c
Temp 2: 21c
Core 0: 17c
Core 1: 15c

Orthos after 20mins:
Temp 1: 38c
Temp 2: 41c
Core 0: 37c
Core 1: 34c

Now I'm confused, is temp2 TJ or tcase?? What is temp1 - ambient case? Are the cores correct?

Overall are these temps good or bad for a stock C2D with air cooling (scythe katana 2)?

Thanks for any help.


With respect to air cooling and regardless of Load, CPU (Tcase) temps must always be higher than Ambient, (if only 0.1c), and the Cores (Tjunction) must always be higher than the CPU (Tcase), so obviously both your CPU and Core temps are inaccurate. Since Motherboards do not typically provide any means by which to monitor Ambient, Temp 1 is usually Motherboard. Temp 2 is of course your CPU (Tcase).

CPU = Tcase
Core = Tjunction
Tcase + 15c (+ / - 3c) = Tjunction (Hottest Core)

Without knowing your system specs, or "Variables", for stock or low clock and low Vcore I would initially suggest that a + 4c CPU Offset, and a + 20c Core Offset in SpeedFan would be required for your temps to make sense, and to conform to established norms, which would result in the following:

Idle: Ambient = 24c

Tcase = 25c
Tjunction = 37c (Hottest Core)

Load: Orthos P9 Small FFT's = 10 Min

Tcase = 45c
Tjunction = 57c (Hottest Core)

Please read the Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-temperature-guide Sticky for information regarding what defines proper temperatures, how to list your Variables, how to correctly test your rig, and how to apply Offsets in SpeedFan.

Hope this helps,

Comp :sol:

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