E6850 SpeedFan Temps


Oct 19, 2007
I just built a E6850 machine and I took a look at the SpeedFan readouts and was confused by some things. 1st thing that really caught my eye was the 'Aux' reading of 122*c. What is the Aux supposed to be monitoring and is it supposed to be 122*c?! Also, the 'Core 0' and 'Core 1' are at a nice 16*c but there is the 'Core' reading that says 51 and has the flame icon next to it. What does all that mean? Isn't core0 and core1 my 2 cores? And there is also the CPU reading of 10*c I thought there was only the 3 sensors, 1 per core and then one in the dye between the cores. I'm new to the whole proc temp game and I was thinking about over clocking a bit in the future. But for now, I really just want to know if these numbers are normal...

I'm hoping the AUX reading is just a sensor thats not hooked up and it defaults to 122c, otherwise thats really hot.

The picture is a little hard to read so click on it to zoom.

E6850 w/ Zalman 9700 HS
ASUS P5k-Deluxe
4Gb DDR2 800
Seagate Barracuda 320Gb HDD
Corsair 520w PSU
Antec Nine Hundred Case


Feb 20, 2006
When you install SpeedFan as is, it won't be calibrated correctly. Go ahead and read through this Guide:

Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

And you could try using CoreTemp to see what it reads. I'm pretty much guessing the SpeedFan is off by 15C, which would be 31C for each of your core, which looks very good.

Not sure what to say about the AUX temp. However the guide talks about it:

Note 3: SpeedFan is very flexible and is the temperature monitoring utility of choice. SpeedFan detects and labels thermal sensors according to various motherboard, chipset and super I/O chip configurations, so the Tcase label can be CPU, Temp 1, Temp 2, or Temp 3. Even if Tcase is labeled as CPU, it is still necessary to confirm the identity of Tcase prior to conducting Calibrations. Run Prime95 and note which SpeedFan temperature scales with an Idle to Load Delta similar to the Cores. This will identify the label corresponding to Tcase. Labels can later be renamed using the Configure button, (see Section 11). If a temperature shows a flame icon, this indicates alarm limits which require adjustment. Use the Configure button to set CPU and Core temp alarms to Safe Scale. If a temperature shows Aux 127, this is simply an unassigned input which can be disabled using the Configure button. CPU`s with Steppings which are Tjunction Max 100c typically require +15c Core Offsets. See Section 11.
Hope that helps. :D

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