E7400 @3.5 GHz with...??


Sep 7, 2011
Hi ive just OC my c2d e7400 @3.5 (Bsel mod) but i want to buy a new card... i was thinking about the hd 6850 or gtx 460 but when my clocks was @ stock (2.8 Ghz)... now i think i could handle a faster card without too much bottleneck... so what r ur toughts???? keeping between those cards or improve a lil...

Will play Games: Battlefield 3

4 gb Ram ddr2
Cooler Master Extreme Power 600W
Hyper 212 Plus (Core Cooler)

For battlefield 3, ditch the dual core cpu, it will be the bottleneck for most new games. You really need a quad core, or core i3 with HT. Im in the same boat, but moving to a new system in a couple weeks. Despite having a 6850 COD black ops is unplayable with a dual core CPU. I expect BF3 to be the same. If you can go higher...3.8ghz is possible on those cpu's....