E7400 on MSI X48C Platinum


Jul 12, 2011
Hello To everyone .

Im seeking assistance/opinions ön my system.

Im running a core2duo 2.8ghz e7400 @ 4ghz on a Msi X48C Platinum motherboard with 2x Apacer ddr3 1333mhz pc3 10600 memory modules running on XGR 500GT PSU.

At the moment its stable ran prime95 for 9+ hours no errors.

Following is my settings 4 everything in bios v7.4

D.O.T control = disabled
Intel EIST = disabled
Adjust CPU FSB Frequency = 380
Adjust CPU Ratio = 10.5
Adjusted CPU Frequency = 4000

Advanced DRAM Configuration
Configure DRAM Timing by SPD = enabled
MCH Read Delay (tRD) = auto
1N/2N Memory Timing = auto

FSB/Memory Ratio = auto
Adjusted DRAM Frequency = 912

Adjust PCI-E Frequency = 100
Adjust PCI Frequency = 33.3mhz
Auto Disable DIMM/PCI Frequency = enabled

CPU Voltage = 1.4000v
Memory Voltage = 1.50v
FSB Terminator Voltage = 1.30v
NB Voltage = auto
SB Core/CPU PLL Voltage = auto
CPU GTL Reference Voltage 1 = auto
CPU GTL Reference Voltage 2 = auto
MCH GTL Reference Voltage = auto
DDR CHA Reference Voltage = auto
DDR CHB Reference Voltage = auto
MCH DDR Reference Voltage = auto

Spread Spectrum = disabled

CPU Vcore = 1.368V

CPU Temperature = 39c
Then In CPU-Z

Core speed = 4000.4mhz
Multiplier = 10.5
Bus speed = 381mhz
Rated fsb = 1524mhz
Core voltage = 1.384v

DRAM Frequency = 457.2mhz
Fsbram = 5:6
Cas# = 9clocks
Ras# to cas# delay = 6clocks
Ras# precharge = 6 clocks
Cycle time (tRAS) = 17clocks
Row refresh cycle time (tRFC) = 52clocks
Command rate = 1T

Max bandwidth = pc3 10700 (667mhz)

6-6-6-17-23 (457mhz)

7-7-7-20-27 (533mhz)

8-8-8-22-30 (609mhz)

9-9-9-25-34 (685mhz)

All jedec#? Voltage are 1.50v

I hope thats everything you need to help. As I said im currently at 4ghz and I feel with sloppy Ram speeds like these i can go beyond 4ghz.

I hope my msg isnt confusing.

Any ideas ön what to change/try/voltage bumps etc etc please let me know , im kinda suprized to get at 4ghz stable without changing much settings. Thanx in advance for any and all help in advance.

If you need more settings or info just ask away.

I Used Cleared CMOS to start a fresh OC, no I Cant get past 3507Mhz. The Ram Is Giving me a very hard time, I cant set it to 1:1 Ratio unless the FSB is at 400. (400x2=800) anything below that and I get no boot, then again if it goes past 1078mhz No Boot As well, as you in my first post it is manufacture guaranteed to 1333mhz , Don't Know If I should maybe loosen up the timings manually?

I Know this board Can do respectable FSB , because I once had it on 486x8. But had yet again trouble with the memory. And All those voltage settings in my bios are kinda confusing I Know only what the 1st two mean and that's that. Too Afraid to change those other voltages before i go from a core2duo to a care4popcorn.

My Temps at 4ghz was not that shabby. will upgrade to liquid cooling as soon as I can get this chip past 4ghz and if its necessary then.
I say ditch the .5 multi and start upping your bus speed, I have never used the .5 on my e5300 always 12 instead of 12.5 I was told [strike]is it[/strike] it is more stable, not sure if thats true though as I never tested it, (perhaps not the best advice but I was able to get to 4.16 using a Freezer pro 7 following it)


Jul 12, 2011
Thanks any advice is appreciated, the thing is why I keep that extra .5 is my memory is well how can I say this "crappy" its only giving me 1066 instead of 1333 and so I read its only spec'd to go that high on OC, Pfft they don't even wanna go past 1154 and down clock them too far no boot as well. so squeezing every little MHz out of my CPU with the least amount of ram MHz is the only way to go for me. But thank you very much for your reply.

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