E8200 Ocing help


Jul 30, 2009
i recently asked the forum, and i was told by almost everyone, that my 680i LT was not to good for overclocking and my e8200 could not go over 3.2Ghz

right now:

3.5Ghz > 1750Fsb> 950Ghz Memory> and the multiplier is locked at 8.

i ran prime 95 for an hour and a half, so everything is stable

i havent done anything too risky right :D

1) 1.5hrs in prime95 will not say stable, 8+ gives you an idea, 24 is pretty much as close to knowing stable as possible

2) risky wise, that depends on how many volts you are giving the cpu and memory

did you leave the voltages on auto, if so that could be ba (it might be supplying more volts than it really needs)

i would suggest setting the volts manually and finding the minimum voltage needed for you processor