E8400 can't get to 4ghz


Jun 7, 2008
I can't even load Windows at 4.0ghz 9 x 444 with a voltage of 1.4 and my 1000 mhz rated ram running at 800 mhz, 5 5 5 15 timings =/

Even right now at 3.6 my e8400 reaches 60 c on intelburn test, which doesn't make sense because I'm running an OCZ vendetta 2 with OCZ freeze extreme TP.

Is it because my e8400 is from a bad batch?

What do you guys think?
Something is not right check the board temps and the 12v lines because you should be getting better results than that. I got a cheap corsair 675 kit running well above 800 at 850 (425 physical) on just 2v 5,5,5,15 2cmt 26 bank cycle. Make sure the power vrm for the cpu isn't to hot (if it is you would know) and check the NB (north bridge) to if it to is very hot.