E8400 on asus striker 2 please help


Sep 15, 2008
Hi guys
This is my first forum post here. Could you guys help me OC this E8400 to at least 4Ghz? But since i a m a total nub could someone give me some good pointers on where to look up step by step procedure? My current setup is

Thermaltake Tower Tai-chi VB5000SNA Watercooling
Thermaltake ATX W0171RE 1500W/14 Tough
CORE 2 DUO E8400, 3.000 GHz 6MB, 1333MHz
2x Sli BFG GF GTX 280 OCX 1GB DDR3 kos1399
CSX 2GB (2*2GB) DIABLO PC3-16000
Vista ultimate 64bit

With factory settings i only get 15.ooo on 3dmark and so my friends are all loling at me and but noone wants to help me. I would really be thankfull if you guys could.

Best regards to all


Oct 30, 2007
Boring easy way without reading the stickies on overclocking.

Have pretty much the same rig, ie: CPU& mobo

Easy, no brainer 4.0 Ghz =

Hit Del on boot = BIOS

Arrow key right to extreme tweaker

AI overclock Tuner = Manual

FSB Frequency = 445Mhz

Arrow down to the VCORE Voltage set to 1.336-1.37 if you then choose to get the voltage lower at 24/7 stable using Orthos Small FFT's by all means go ahead, that's what most overclockers do to keep the clocks stable and the temps low!

Press F10

Yes you want to save and restart!

= 4.0 Ghz

The only thing that may hinder this is if your RAM is rated at a different voltage from the defaults set in the BIOS.

Haven't bothered to understand DDR3's ratings to leave it at auto.. if it works then fine if not then lower the frequency to the next lowest divider.

You should disable Speedstep if you want 4.0Ghz constantly, it also helps with stability problems.

You can further your overclocks in research, we've all started at the bottom reading the various guides spread across Tom's and Google in general. Yeah it takes time and multiple restarts and blue screens of death, but hey thats what makes overclocking your rig enjoyable. When you finally successfully BOOT @ faster speeds than you've been before you grin like a loon (don't try to deny it)!