E8400 upgraded to i5 750?


Jul 7, 2008
Hi there,

I’m currently running an E8400 in a MSI-p45 platinum with 8GB of ram and a WD SATA HDD. I picked up a 5870 recently and everything runs well, but I want to spend a little more cash and hope to really boost my pc performance in games like Dirt 2, BFBC2, and new ones coming down the pipe .

I’ve priced out a new Asus P7 mobo, I5-750, an OCZ Vertex Series SSD (120GB) and 4GB of ram for about $1200 and I was going to assemble this weekend. However, when I was exploring the “best CPU for the money” article, I noticed that the i5-750 is only “2 tiers” higher than the E8400, and the author states he suggests that CPU upgrades be 3 tiers or more to really notice a difference.

So my question is, is the performance gain from the I5 really worthwhile? Or should I just stick with what I have for now (and maybe just do the SSD).

You should be able to get another year or so out of that processor. I would say just get the SSD for know since that will improve your systems performance quite a bit. Most games barely use more then 2 cores at the moment and benefit from a better GPU more then anything the 5870 you have is more then enough to keep you going. You really will not see much of a performance boost going with the I5 it will be faster but I would say its not justified yet, since your system should have no problems playing any game. The E8400 is a great dual core and provides plenty of power to run that 5870.