E8400 with ASUS AI suite 6800 RAM capacity


Mar 19, 2008
Hi all,

I'am trying to optomise my system to run folding@home SMP client (5.92) and have been overclocking with the ASUS AI booster. i've been reading loads of threads and the like on here and have become lost and conserned. As i run my system 24/7 i am concered that i will kill my ram with what i have been doing. My system spec are below.

For reference; when running a 5 million problem i have fond the following running under asus AI and only increaseing the FBS with the AI booster;

3.0Ghz 16.07 mins per 1%
3.4Ghz 11.38 mins per 1% (hence i run it at this speed 24//7)
3.6Ghz 11.30 mins per 1% (With Vdip problems and SMP crashes, though once restatred it's ok)

My system at base spec;
E8400 FSB 333, 1336, 1.184Volts
Intel quiet cooler, under full load 39degrees at 3.0ghz. (now i've removed the big bits of plastic between the cooler and the cpu!)
RAM: 4.0GB ~(2 x 2GB) Corsair XMS2 XTreeme 6800 running at 1.8Volts
ratio 5:6 (I cannot see any where to chave this to 1:1)
timings command rate 2T
MB ASUS P5k-SE Bios 0901
Running XP home
ASUS AI BOOSTER version 1.03.29

settings within the AI booster that are of note;

CPU multiplier - locked unless you have an extreme edition CPU GGGRR
frequency- 333 (This is what i have changed)
Voltage - AUTO (Not played with this setting)
DRAM - Auto (Again not plaid with this setting though you can set to 800,833,100 ....)

When running at 3.4Ghz i have only change the frequency to 378. which i belived would give me under 800 MHZ ram . thus; 3400/9 = 377 *2 = 754mhz

CPUZ give me a reading of 440 ish(Forgot to write it down before i underclocked again), thus giveing me a ram spped of 880mhz

so the questions;

1)is 880 bad based on my setting?
2)is there a better way to OC for running a system 24/7
3) if i fix my ram to 800 or 833 mhz under the dram setting will this increase my voltage and if so what is a safe setting for ram?
4)recommendation for 3.6+
5)any other suggestions?




Feb 24, 2007
Change the settings in the BIOS under Advance Jumperfree configuration.
Set AI Tuning to manual and change Memory to 667 This will put the memory to 1:1. Then you can change the freqency to lets say 400. This will put your memory at 800 and your cpu to 3.6. See if that is stable. If it is not stable play with the memory and CPU volts. DONOT go above 1.3 volts on the CPU and 2.2 volts with the RAM.


Mar 19, 2008
I've tried the setting 677 and 800 in the AI suite thing and nothing happens. i will give the bios ago when i've finished this problem.

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