Apr 10, 2010
Hello guys, i have this 3 CPU to choose from, witch one is the best? [only from this 3].
its only for hardcore gaming and HD video!
Then chose the quad but you won't be getting a stunning OC out of a Q9300 (as it already runs a 1333 / 333 FSB and it has half of the cache missing of a full Yorky.

A better buy in terms of a quad to overclock would be the cheapest 12MB cache quad you can afford ...,33924,35428,

Alternatively the E8500 will fly along for most things you want ... it is just a little less "future proof" in terms of the newer games ... that will make use of the extra 2 cores.

Hope this helps.

Newer games support more than two cores ... not all ... but as time goes by they will.

The E8500 is a good choice if your happy to not overclock, and it will give you good all round performance, as you have 2 cores flying at 3.16.

If your going to overclock, then look at a comparable priced quad, preferably one with the 12Mb cache ... as upping the clock on it will return a much more predictable performance boost for you.

Hope this helps.