E8500/P5Q-E overclock first timer


Dec 16, 2008
Hi I have a E8500 P5Q-E with a TRUE-120 and 2x2gb 1066 DDR2 G.Skill

I wanted to know should I overclock my CPU? Even if with team fortress 2 and Counterstrike source I get well over 100fps 60-70fps in the worse cases. (4850 512mb)

Ive never overclocked before (besides my ram) So I dont know what to do. Where should I go to learn? And does any one else have this cpu/mobo combo to help me?

Temps are 13C in the morning and 18C at night, according to speedfan and everest. How ever this for the CPU temp the core temps 1 and 2 are always locked at 35C they never ever have dropped even from switching to a TRUE-120 from stock and going from summer to winter here. Real temp and coretemp both says cores 1 and 2 at 35C but mobo speedfan and everest all show the CPU temp (not core temps, (but there still at 35C) under 20C

Any opinions?


Oct 12, 2008
Thats a question you should answer yourself.

My suggestion - do it, just to see for yourself how its done and what effects does it bring. After all you can reset it to stock values if you think its not worth it. And thats some very overclockable gear you have got there, so give it a shot.

Heres a great place to start: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-240001_11_0.html