EAH 4870 SUCKS or is it my CPU


Nov 3, 2009

i got asus eah 4870 hd DDR5, 512Mb, what is the best processor for this card, is 2.2 intel dual core
enough for the card?, cause i have AMD 1.6 (2600+) and 3GB (ddr1)of RAM and the old card is ATI 1300 (256MB)
and when i replaced it with the 4870 i was so disappointed i did not get a huge differece only
5 %, , so if its all about the processor i think i should not spend the money on the card ,spending it on a super processor would be much better
so my question is what processor should i get to make this card work fine....? please i need your advice



Jul 14, 2006
What are you trying to play at what resolution and settings ?
Also try to check in task manager what is your CPU usage during gaming, if its close to 100% then yes your CPU is limiting factor, but even then it should be considerably faster then 1300.


2600+ is actually single core, if I'm not mistaken. and likely to be socket 939...
And it will bottleneck the 4870 quite badly, so new mobo, ram and cpu (maybe psu as well) will be on the 'buy next' list...
It sounds like you put a modern graphics card into a system that's 5 years old. No wonder it's not making a difference.

You're basically stuck replacing most of your system if you want to take advantage of the 4870. You need a newer CPU like a dual (preferably quad) core ... which means you need a new LGA775 motherboard to support the chip ... and just about every 775 motherboard only supports DDR2 or DDR3, so you'll need new RAM ... and you might need a new power supply to get everything enough juice ... yeah, a lot of things to deal with.

Having said that, the 4870 is still a pretty sweet card, and ought to be able to run anything you throw at it to the point where anyone who complains is just nitpicking.


Sep 15, 2009
I would recommend atleast 3.0 ghz (you can take a 2.4- 2.6 ghz and easily overclock to 3.0ghz+ on a core 2 duo for the HD 4870. Why? because some games are CPU based.

That AMD Athlon 64 2600+ 1.6 ghz is a single core CPU, 939 socket is also correct. It is a horrible bottleneck for a HD 4870 and should be replaced immediately with a C2D at 3.0+ ghz (overclocked recommended, since it's cheaper).

Considering what you just told us you will or may need:

* New motherboard- LGA775 for core two duo, or am3 for Phenom II x2.
* New Processor: core 2 duo at 3.0 ghz or amd phenom II x2 at 3.6ghz (overclocked ofcourse)~ Cost is really better with C2D since they're more efficient.
* New Ram, which sucks because DDr2 prices are on the rise. I'd recommend trying to get a DDR3 board
* Power supply, at least 450w, and 22a+ @ v1 12v rail. Also you need 2 PCI express 6 pin connectors with that power supply. Make sure it's at least 80% efficiency certified (Often called 80 bronze certified, or 80+ bronze certified, etc)

I will also recommend a static wristband, but that is up to you. If you decide not to use one please try to remove static electricity from you by FREQUENTLY touching a computer case with a plugged in PSU (grounded case is what is called). Avoid working in carpet, to avoid static electricity charge up. Remember to keep yourself grounded via touching a case with a PSU that is plugged in.