Jul 24, 2011
Hi, lately i bought the Asus EAH6950 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 .that card has 4 mini PLUS 2 dVI. in all the documentation from Asus or from Amd i do not findthe technical layout on how to connect 6 monitors to those 4 outputs as it advertised by Amd or bu Asus
which outputs should be active or passive , type of cabeling etc
2. my second issue is that if i would like to create one big desktop of 8 24 inch 1900*1200 acn i install a second card like that so i have 8 normal outputs to 8 screens that will function as 1,
and if i install a seconde card which mother borad would be able to carry it all , space wise as it seems that EATX boards are not enough



Mar 16, 2010
You need ACTIVE displayport converters to whatever connector your monitor uses. Eyefinity technology requires that every monitor beyond the 2nd be connected to a displayport on your video card.

So if you have 6 monitors, the first two would be via DVI, the rest would need ACTIVE mini-displayport to DVI (or VGA or HDMI or whatever you want) converters. Passive ones will not work!

In regards to your second issue, your 8 monitor setup is impossible. You can have two 6950's NOT running in crossfire, but you wouldn't have one giant seamless desktop (I believe you could run two 4 monitor setups this way, but not one GIANT display), OR you can have a maximum of 6 monitors in one giant display.