News EA's Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat System for PCs Will Debut With FIFA 23


Sep 16, 2021
Looking forward to reports of kernel-space anti-cheat bricking people's systems like many other low-level anti-cheat/DRM implementations have before.

No kidding. I can't imagine being willing to install something like this. I'll just pass on such games, thanks. Besides, anyone who wants to cheat will just implement it at the router, right?
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Fairness? When all the publisher cares about is FUT? The point of which players keep spending to have an advantage - you know, NOT BE FAIR?

If anything, the cheaters are probably trying to circumvent the 🐮💩 yearly cash sink that is FUT(and other UTs) by not spending all that money.

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Great! Another rootkit to contend with. Just what we need. I wonder if it will run with Valorants vanguard rootkit or whether they will brick people's system. Time to stop buying EA games.
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Lots of people seem to happily install Valorant even though its anti cheat has been at ring 0 for the last 10 months.
But its bad if EA do it...

its not good when either do it.

Sorry, refuse to install software that thinks it owns my pc. And really, I didn't need another reason to avoid EA Games, but thanks anyway.

Vanguard already has issues with Easy Anti cheat. Now another? I hope they recognise each other... this is almost as bad as multiple AV programs. Vanguard can block other programs, I can see some really disfunctional computers coming