News EA's Worst Reddit Comment Set a World Record


Oct 19, 2011
I expect that EA, 2K/T2, Activision, and Ubisoft will be battling each other to create a more downvoted comment in the future.

The whole "pride and accomplishment" debacle is emblematic of why I stopped playing most video games -- especially those from AAA sources. Games like Battlefront 2 demand hours of investment that rival a full time job. I play games to have fun and be entertained; not to work for some sort of unlockable asset that I paid for. Finding whale harpoon games is easy. Finding games that are worth their list price is not.
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Apr 19, 2010
EPIC - Hold my gamerjuice and watch this.
They're just one stupid comment away from having another backlash hit them. One that honestly is coming considering the lack of a reaction from their very poorly excited summer sale.

This doesn't really surprise me, a long history of pulling an absolute bonehead move and then trying to damage control it only having a Streisand effect hit it multiple times should have taught them by now that when they do said bonehead move they should just their head and walk out.