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Question easeUS todo backup free: sector by sector cloning issue --> is it even possible?


Aug 9, 2011
Hello all,

I am trying to recover a drive I quick formatted a while back. I have made a sector-by-sector clone of the drive using a different piece of software than the easeUS todo backup and I did try to recover it using Recuva and it found trillions of files but then recuva would stop because I ran out of memory.

Meanwhile, I copied by mistake two small files on my cloned drive so I decided to clone again my mistakenly quick formatted drive to the backup drive again, this time using easeUS todo backup with the sector by sector option. The process took about 17 hours (the drive is 4tb) and completed successfully. I looked at the log to confirm that all went well.

But, surprise, when I try to recover the cloned drive, I see very fewer files (1479) in the first hour of search (while it was in the 100 of 1000s before). I tried to search the original mistakenly formatted drive and I got the same issue.

So, it appears that the sector by sector disk cloning altered both drives in the same way. I wonder how this could be possible?

I have not touched the original drive wrongly quick formatted beside when I cloned it the first time (and now it got cloned twice).

Thanks for your input. Looks like I will not be able to recover much out of my drive... unfortunately. I am letting recuva run for about 10 hrs (vs. 3 days initially).