Question Easy Anti Cheat not working


Aug 10, 2016
Everything worked fine on my computer until a few months ago. I was playing rainbow six roughly half a year ago (which uses the fairfight anti cheat) and couldn't make it through a match without the game crashing and I've never had any issues before and I haven't played the game since. Then about 3 months ago I was playing Apex legends and suddenly I got an anti cheat violation error 0000006 and the game just froze. Since then I tried to play the game AT LEAST 100 times and some times I make it farther, and sometimes it freezes in lobby. Once and a while I would get an nvidea kernel error and sometimes I got no error.

I tried everything (reinstalling and repairing the game, reinstalling easy Anti cheat, reinstalling graphics drivers, rolling back graphics drivers, it drove me to the point where I did a full system restore and I still have the same problem) and it's not just Apex, I get the error with squad, pubg, and a bunch of other games.

On the other side though, some games work perfectly fine such at battlefield 1, destiny 2, and Forza horizon 4 etc.

I was thinking it could be my Egate router (blocking the anti cheat) which I have set up for my employees but I haven't changed it and I've never had this probablem before. I've never used cheats in my life and despise people who do (except GTAV sp lol) if anyone know what to do or what the problem is, any help is greatly appreciated.

This doesn't really effect me as my computer is mainly for 3D rendering with blender, fusion, Maya, and 3Dsmax, but it's really annoying when I have downtime and just wanna play some games wit the bois.