Question Easy explanation of how to get 4g unlimited hotspot plan?


May 2, 2013
Hi guys,

I live in the sticks but have really good 4g/4glte signal.
At&t won't sell me "fixed wireless" internet as I have access to dsl. My dsl is on an extremely old section of infrastructure and, according to many techs that have visited, struggles to keep up and was only built for 8meg speed many years ago. I get around 5meg but weekly I deal with latency of around 2500ms. I've had countless tickets for it going out constantly.

Anywho, I hear of people getting these 4g modems and sticking a sim card in it and wham-bam they have great speeds and unlimited data with very little headache.

Can someone explain some options to aquire this miracle internet?

I've been dealing with my dsl for 10 years now.

Thanks for any advice.

If you can help, I'll name my third born after you.
Getting a modem or router that takes a sim card that works with att is easy. If you get good signal on your phone then this device will also.

That is not the problem. The problem is the "unlimited" data. You need to read all the fine print. In general these plans do not really exist. The ones that run on phones are closer but a lot of those have limits say on how much netflix you can watch. The ISP knows it is almost impossible to use huge amounts of internet bandwidth when they don't include video streaming. So they can say its unlimited because nobody can actually use a lot just surfing.

They know very well how much data a PC can use. When you consider some games are now 20Gbytes. So any plan that a PC can use they have very low limits or charge extra for more usage. This include limitation on cell phone plans where your use he phone as a modem/router instead of buying a device.

Not sure what to suggest. First thing is to find a plan you can afford that maybe can meet your needs. You are going to be better off looking at tmobile if you can get signal. Their plans has a cap but it depends on their network load. I have not looked into this since they merged with sprint so not sure what they offer now.

After you find some plan that you like the technology to connect it is pretty easy. If you were saying you get very low signal on your phone then it gets much more complex doing stuff like putting in outdoor antenna.


Do you live in a more northern part of the country? Starlink is ramping up and offers 50-150mbps with low latency. Much lower than LTE. Go on youtube and look up starlink to learn more.

Sign up for starlink beta at

It's $100/mo with no data cap for now. $500 for the equipment which you need to mount high up on your roof or out in an open field.