Easy OC question for all you PROS out there!


Oct 2, 2009
I currently have an E6400 2.13 ghz and plan to overclock it to around 2.8 ghz by turning up the FSB. I have Crucial 2x2gb Ballistix PC6400 800 mhz RAM. I have very adequate air cooling and a well ventilated case.

My understanding is the following (please bear with me, I'm a big noob):
- FSB 266 mhz quad pumped to 1066 mhz
- RAM can go up to 400 mhz double pumped to 800 mhz, but currently running at 266 mhz double pumped to 533 mhz because of the CPU FSB limiting it

I should be able to overclock the FSB to 350 mhz to achieve 2.8 ghz with my current RAM running at a stable 700 mhz (350 mhz x 2).

My question is: Will overclocking the FSB run a high risk of damaging the components connected to my PCI and PCI Express slots such as my video card, sound card, etc.?

Thanks in advance.