Easyfiletransfer xp to vista file association issues

What did you try, and what happened? Error messages, file types, etc...

You should not have to associate anything with MS Office, it should already be setup for that when you install Office on the PC. Unless you are trying to associate some odd file types that Office does not open, or you never installed Office on the PC you are moving data to.


Jul 6, 2011
Thanks for reply. Specifically I can't associate Outlook 2007current and archive files (XP machine) with Windows Mail or Outlook 97 installed on new windows Vista machine
OK, so you are trying to move the .pst files over. That won't work with 97 to 07, the formats are different, same thing for Windows Mail. Look for the import feature in Windows mail, see what formats it will take. And then save the Outlook 2007 files as that format through and export.