Easynote F7300 Screen Problems


May 30, 2006
Hi, I've been having some issues lately with the screen on my Easynote F7300 laptop. At random moments the screen will go blank. If I open and close the lid numerous times, the screen tends to come back on eventually.
Also, when I had my laptop set to hibernate when the lid was closed, I would find that after one of these screen blackouts, the laptop would then decide to hibernate, as if I had closed the lid. Where as when I actually do close the lid, the screen stays on and the system fails to hibernate.
I have had the laptop looked at and the people said that it was fine, but how can it be when this problem persists? They also insisted that the screen wasn't supposed to automatically turn off when you close the lid (seems like a waste of power if it's true).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've not had much luck with technicians and I really wish I could fix this myself.


Mar 18, 2007
:) hiya

For that issue you need to be contacting your dealer, it will clearly the screen light as is fairly a common problem with all makes of laptops after time.

If you bought your laptop from PC World Dixons or Currys then call
08709013000 selecting packard bell option.
If bought from out side the the above you will have to contact the dealer that supplied you laptop.