Ebay and gaming 17 display laptop computer under $800


Apr 27, 2012
what is the current list of 'bang-for-the-buck' components for reliability and performance, for 1) build-your-own pc and, 2) basic, pre-built min. 4-core with 17" display pc laptop.... ?
I have been told that the Intel i5-2500, unlocked, can be overclocked to a decent level, though the Intel chips continue to demand such a high price.... is the difference worth it? And, the AMD Bulldozer CPU architecture, is it a bit ahead of the software world? The 8-core 8500 series sounds tempting to build around, however, do they continue to run at high levels, pre- and post- OC-ing? Should they utilize a water-cooled system when planning to add high energy components, and a +/- 1000W power-supply in a fully rigged box? In other words, I have been waiting for the day when the increase in cores and threads can speed up my word and can rid myself of 4 slower 1-core AMD Athlon CPU-based PCs for everything from gaming, accounting, mapping, photo and video editing and word-processing,as well as stock market research and more... all open at once, in most cases. HELP!!!! Good advice is welcome.