ECC-Capable Motherboards?

I'm looking to build a Xeon W3520 system (the W3520 is the workstation version of the Core i7 920 which supports ECC memory). I'm looking for a motherboard that will support the W3520 and ECC memory. I've found which ASUS boards support it, and I'm probably going to go for the WS Revolution.

I couldn't find any mention of ECC support in any of Gigabyte's LGA1366 boards. Am I missing something, or do they simply not make them?

Are there any other ECC-capable motherboards I should be aware of?
Gigabyte makes server boards, but I couldn't find a vender that carries them. I would stick with asus, tyan, or supermicro. Pricewatch has some server specialty venders listed that you can also check for gigabyte. I use newegg to check prices and specs. They're still the best.