ECS A790GXM-A Win7 x64 crash with 4GB RAM


Oct 5, 2011
Hy guys, this is my first participation here. I am having a problem, since I upgraded my rig from 2GB (2x 1Gb) to 4GB(2x 2Gb) RAM it crashes when trying to start Windows 7 x64. My rig was by the time:
- Athlon x3 440 3.0GHz, 2GB 800MHz Samsung, ECS A790GXM-A (DDR2 - not the AD3 DDR3 version).

I upgraded to the 1066MHz OCZ 2x 2GB, but crashed. Switched to 1x 2GB + 1x 1GB worked (all combinations). (Yes, I used the right voltage on them).
Then I switched back to the 32Bit version.

I upgraded the BIOS to the version 080015 (07/06/2010) and upgraded my CPU to the Phenom II x6 1100T. It works prety well but still won't let me use the x64 version.

Does anyone know any solution ??

For dual channel you might have to bump the voltage up a little, up to 0.2volts over rated is fine, try in 0.05volt increments.