Question ECS P67H2-A2 Mobo hangs with Q-Code 9A (USB Initialization) ?

Dec 24, 2022
I am re-building an older 2nd Gen i5 system for a friend and have been getting repeated BSOD (Kmode exception not handled) during Windows 10 installation. After updating all of the drivers and then rolling back to the originals on the Mobo disk I decided to flash the BIOS. I downloaded the newer Bios (Ver 12/07/2012) via the Mfg website which comes as an executable for Windows or Dos (CPUEVO.exe). Put the Jumper pin on the ME_Unlock jumper and Flashed the bios in the windows XP enviornment since computer is unstable in Win 10. It completed the flashing process with no errors and I powered down. Removed the ME_Unlock jumper, Moved the jumper to pins 2 & 3 on the Cmos_Clear jumper and held down power button for 10 sec. Re jumpered pins 1 & 2 and then Booted up.

Computer now hangs at Q code 9A (USB initialization). Have tried clearing CMOS again and removing all peripherals including Memory. Getting beep codes and Q Code 55 with no Memory but as soon as I install 1 DIMM back to Q code 9A. Any Ideas? The Bios chip is not socketed, unfortunately, so I cant replace without soldering. There is no on board Video support so I cannot see if I am getting Bios flash screen without GPU installed. (MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 4G OC / PCI Express x16) Would appreciate any Ideas or feedback, Thanks.