Question Edge Chromium Screen Tearing In Videos

Apr 21, 2019
Hello. I have an RX 580. I have the brand new Edge Chromium. In any video I watch through the browser, I get a lot of screen tearing. I remember Google Chrome having the same problem when I used to use it a year ago. I also had a Nvidia graphics card at that time. There is no info on it since the browser is new, but I searched for Google Chrome instead since they are same rendering engine. Someone said to turn off hardware acceleration. I did and it did get rid of the screen tearing. However, it also makes the video blurry and less sharp. I can see side by side with a different browser on the exact same video and both at 1080p that Edge is clearly less sharp/more blurry.

Chrome and Edge Chromium do it, but FireFox and Brave (also Chromium) do not do it.

I also read to turn on V-Sync for the browser. I went to the new Adrenalin AMD software and it does not let you add any browser to specifically turn on V-Sync for. I turned it on for Global settings but it did not fix it. I am not sure if it does anything for a web browser. Is there a different way to fix it, or should I just use a different browser? Thank you.
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