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Question EDID Emulator for DisplayPort KVM Switch ?

Lyle Mariam

Dec 9, 2014
I have a TrendNet TK-440DP KVM for dual DisplayPort monitors and 4 computers with DisplayPort video connections. The problem is that the TrendNet TK-440DP does not have EDID emulation. Every time you switch computers all of the program windows get stacked on top of each other in the primary monitor. You have to drag every window back to its original position every time you switch computers.

I've used KVM switches for years and never encountered this problem and never heard about EDID emulators. My question is this, I'm seeing EDID emulators but don't know if they will work or solve my problem? I'd like somehow for each computer's running program windows to remain in the same location, monitor, and size when I switch away and back to the computer. Does anyone have a suggestion to solve this problem?