I'm not sure what the exchange rate is for euros and I don't know any Italian sites but Newegg is easy to use so I'll use it for reference.

AMD A6-3500
2x4GB Samsung 1600Mhz 1.35v
Antec ISK 310-150 with 150W PSU

You could use that as a base, comes to $290. In Euros that might be €250 or so. Then you could decide on either a hard drive or SSD and what kind of optical drive you want. Keep in mind that this case accepts a laptop sized optical drive.
You would probably need to buy an aftermarket cooler in that kind of case anyway if you want it to be quiet. Get a decent one and it should be fine even without a fan. It should come with an 80mm fan anyway though.

I can't find what the maximum cooler height is for that case. I know people have fit stock 1155 coolers in there though, they must be around 40mm so you should be able to fit a Scythe Kozuti in there I imagine.

You shouldn't have to worry about heat problems in terms of longetivity with that case. It has some ventilation and space for an 80mm fan. Also you're only using a 65W CPU with no add on cards or anything yet. It does have space for add on cards though, also space for more fans if you mod it a bit.