Question EDITED: will my current set up be ok for either rtx 2060 super and 2070 super


Jan 19, 2014
I edited my post as I found the answer else where.
But I wanted to know if anyone knew if my current set up would be totally find to install and run either rtx 2060 super or 2070 super...not decided yet which as the super is over £100 more expensive

its a older setup but still going strong lol

i7 4790k @4.00ghz
24gb ram
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard
corsair cs650m power supply

many thanks
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A 2070 non-SUPER may also be worth considering, if it is priced right. The 2060 SUPER is just a slightly cut down 2070, after all. A 2070 should be around 5% faster, but looking at current prices online, at least in the US, a number of models are currently available for about the same price...

2060 SUPER:


At around $400, if a 2070 were priced less than $20 over a comparable 2060 SUPER, it would likely be the slightly better value from a price to performance standpoint.

A 2070 SUPER should be more than 10% faster than a 2070, but since they currently cost around 25% more than what you could get a 2060 SUPER or some models of 2070 for, they are arguably not quite as good of a value unless you feel that bit of extra performance is necessary. If you are gaming at a somewhat lower resolution like 1080p, then it's questionable whether you would notice that additional performance.