Editing PC and VFX build under 1300€

Sep 22, 2018
I wanted to check my first components combination for a PC build for 4k editing, VFX and motion graphics. I want it to be upgradable but afordable. I based myself in this Andey Lebrov video called PC Workstation under £1k / VFX & Video oriented and looked for the componets at spanish shop PCcomponentes

Software used: Adobe Premiere, After, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Davinci, Cinema4d, Maya and Octane rendering (adding more GPU in the future)

CPU: Intel Core i5-7640X 4.0 Ghz (180€)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 (35€)
Motherboard: Asus Prime X299-A (244€)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 PC-24000 16GB 2x8GB CL15 (135€)
GPU: nvidia zotac gtx 980ti amp extreme omega 6GB (300€ second hand) [I would really apreciate some more info about a GPU workflow enhance, CUDA usage, octane rendering, multi GPU upgrade,...]
Storage 1: Samsung 860 EVO Basic SSD 500GB SATA3 (86€)
Storage 2: Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 4TB SATA3 (105€)
PSU: Tacens Anima APB550 ATX 550W 80 Plus Bronze (30€)
Case: Nox Hummer ZS Negra (44€)

TOTAL: 1160€

I need help to ensure compatibility. Also to know if there is anything more powerfull at that price range or if I could find those components cheaper anywhere.
If you people think there is some component overcompensated please let me know.



IMHO, I would look towards the X399 platform or the highest end Ryzen 5/7 platform and get as much ram in the form of DDR4-3200MHz as possible. Where are you located and what is your absolute budget for the build? Mind also sharing a preferred site for purchase?

+ Junk PSU!
Sep 22, 2018

Hi! Thanks for the recommendation, the X399 is a great option.
I'm located in Spain and looking for the components via Amazon, eBay and mainly www.pccomponentes.com
About the PSU, you mean it's a bad one?

My absolute budget would be 1400.

Thank you very much!

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