Question eGPU RTX 2060 with MacBook Pro

Aug 16, 2019
Hello everyone!

I would like to have a more capable gaming setup and since I already own a 2018 15" MacBook Pro for work, I thought it might be a good option to just get an eGPU to make up for the mbp's weak graphics card (Radeon Pro 555X). I don't want to switch to a windows system entirely. Also getting a dedicated PC would still be more expensive, so maybe not the best option either...
I play games booting windows from an external SSD, so my plan so far is to get an RTX 2060 and put it in a matching case, like the Razer Core.
The mbp specs are: i7 8750H with 6/12 cores @ 2.2GHz, up to 4.something in turbo boost.

16 GB of DDR4 Ram @ 2400 MHz.

I have seen the RTX 2060 paired with the i7 8750H in the 2018 Razer Blade, so I'm thinking the CPU should be a pretty good match.
Also, the 2018 mbp has thunderbolt 3 ports, so that should not create bottleneck either I hope.

I only want to play games at 1080p, in case anyone is wondering.
Is there anything else that could impact the performance that I'm not seeing? I would appreciate if some of you could share your expertise, experiences and thoughts with me.

P.S. Please forgive me since I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, it seemed the most appropriate one to me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Have a good day,