Question Egpu toshiba satellite help to setup exp gdc and gpu #egpu #toshiba #gt970 #rx570 #amd #nvidia #laptop #setup #overclock #expgdc #psu #experiment

Jan 6, 2021
Hi guys, I have a toshiba satellite p55t-asp5303sl with a gt 740m, and an i7-4700 mq processor with 12 ram dd3, I have watched a lot a videos and read posts where people got a gpu and and exp gdc, and improve their laptop and performance on games,. I was thinkin what was the way to Do it and if someone could help me, I did the bottle neck calculator and the best result where on gtx 1050 ti 4% bottleneck, a rx 570 5% bn,and a gtx 960 6% bn, I run from 30 to 80fps depending on the halo(1,2,3,reach,4etc..) on 1280x720 low settings in games like halo mcc,apex in low settings 20-30 fps, gtaV from 15-30 fps in low, makin this egpu setup could make the run games on 1080? with médium or high settings at45- 60 fps, or at least 1280x720 on high settings from 80-100 fps, I have a 75 hz monitor any advice would ve very apreciated thanks.
PS:I have $250 to spend
On my country the psu and gdc exp are $80-100, so I have 150-180 for the gpu
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