Question eGPU versus DIY PC for 4K video NLE, which?

Apr 8, 2018
I currently own Intel's Hades Canyon NUC ( ) and want to use it for 4K video NLE production using Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve. The application (Resolve) is fairly demanding on graphics (OpenCL, CUDA). Davinci Resolve will run on the Intel Hades Canyon and can do basic 2K editing with no problem. The Hades Canyon has AMD's Radeon RX Vega M GH discrete graphics. However when attempting 4K NLE, it is doable but it is less the stellar performance. There are frame drops, stuttters when scrubbing in the timeline.

I am wondering whether to go the eGFX route using say Radeon RX590 graphics card or higher and and an external case, or to just build myself a reasonably priced DIY-PC. Any thoughts on the matter? If I do go the route of a DIY PC I will most likely want to use a motherboard ported with thunderbolt 3 ports (i.e. Gigabyte's V390 Aorus Extreme ) The reason being, I currently have two 4K 31.5" monitors daisy chained to the Hades Canyon. I will want to maintain that thunderbolt connectivity whether going through an eGFX solution or a DIY PC. Thanks for any suggestions.

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