May 6, 2020
My games crash or freeze when i play. That is caused by some weird driver errors or something im still not sure but in event viewer sometimes when the game crashes i get that “display driver nvlddmkm has stopped reponding event id 13” or whatever and you would think my gpu is faulty but it isnt 'cos I bought a better one and i gave my old one to a friend and its working properly for him without any errors, same with PSU and even motherboard. Now I stress tested every component and no errors are showing but i think im almost sure my ram or my cpu is causing all of this. Yes I used DDU on my drivers multiple times, reinstalled Windows and all that simple stuff but maybe a helpfull hint?

Sometimes my pc takes a moment for it to turn on even with ssd. Usually when i turn on my pc i hear a fast beep (which on my motherboard means everything is good) but sometimes that beep is really delayed and i look at a blackscreen and wait for that beep for a minute maybe.

Specs :
Gtx 1660
Ryzen 5 2400 g (integrated gpu is forced off in bios)
Psu 700 W (i checked if its bad its not it's good)
Ram 1 stick of 8 gb (i dont have much ram, that can be a problem?)