Question EK aorus master monoblock screws dont fit block?

Jan 19, 2020
Hello all, recently i decided to purchase an ekwb momentum monoblock for my gigabyte z390 aorus master board. I got the block in and got my board ready. The block fit fine once I took off the board vrms, but ran into a problem with the screws not fitting the block.

The install manual from scanning the QR is extremely straight foreward and it should be, however; the screws that were sent (and told to use per manual) for this excact mobo/block do not even fit the block..

3 Screws on the outside for the VRMS are m2 screws (these fit as intended)
4 screws for the cpu mount, which manual says are m4x8 DIN7984 (the screws included are way to big)

Anyways, before I run out to the hardware store and bring my block/screws included to find maybe the actual m4 screw I wanted to see if (hopefully) this is an oversight on my part. I hope it is because I am a beginner at this. I took pics of the box, monoblock and screws.


^^ sorry the images did not show up directly in post, it kept saying contact admin or only 1 would show and mess the rest up. Thanks in advanced if anyone can lend some wisdom!