EK Water Blocks Reveals 'Phoenix' AIO Series

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Oct 19, 2017
About time a company made a product like this! Now this would make a VERY interesting review to see how well heat is dissipated from both sources!
Wait, the Phoenix is not standard G 1/4 fittings? Meaning only the Phoenix core modules can be connected? I thought this would be a great idea if we can connect the Phoenix to a direct monoblock / cpu block with G 1/4 fittings. This is just so bad.

Hope they atleast release QDC soft tubings to connect with other monoblock, cpu/gpu blocks.

the GPU module terminal can be swapped for a normal one.
but i'm not sure that same can be done with CPU and radiator.


Nov 18, 2013
So this is just a Predator with more rad sizes and more GPU block options with QDC, i am still rocking my Predator 240, it made possible for me to expand my loop with a GPU without having to buy a Res, Pump and a bunch of fittings, in any case i decided to upgrade my tubbing and add the GPU block without QDC for a better look.
Update, I got an official response from EK :

You could purchase a monoblock with fittings and tubing and fill it up with the Some of our clear premix and use these QDC connectors to connect it to MLC
Keep in mind that you will need to use a soft tubing fitting on the monoblock that will support 10mm or 3/8 inner diameter tubing as this is the only size of tubing the QDC connector can use the outer diameter doesn't matter on the QDC it will just matter for the what soft tubing fitting you choose on the monoblock.

Also from the website : Every EK-QDC comes with four black Ezyclik Nylon Hose Clamps. The Ezyclik Nylon Hose Clamp is specifically designed for applications where space is restricted. The unique design of the patented Ezyclik-P ensures strong, fast and reliable fitting. Two enclosed clamps are designed to be used with 10/13 mm tubing and two additional clamps are designed to be used with 10/16mm tubing. Tubes with larger ID (inner diameter) and OD (outer diameter) will not work with this QDC!
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