Elder Scrolls V Special Edition freezing; game audio still plays

Dec 19, 2017
I recently bought the RTX 2080 Gigabyte Gaming OC and when I play Skyrim on higher settings (anywhere from 4k low to 4k ultra) the game will load up, and after a few seconds or so of playing and walking around it will freeze up unexpectedly and the game audio will still play. My PC riuns the game fine, with 4k ultra settings at 60+ fps before the freeze. But if I take the settings lower, like at 1440p ultra, it runs just fine w/ no freezing. When it freezes, it sometimes will let me alt tab to the desktop to shut Skyrim down via task manager, and sometimes will not, so I have to restart the whole computer. I don't have any mods enabled whatsoever and my os is Windows 10 Pro.

Corsair TX750M Gold 750W
Ryzen 7 2700X
Crosshair VI Hero WiFi AC motherboard
1x 850 Pro 256gb Samsung ssd
5x 240gb Intel ssd (not sure what specific model)
Gigabyte RTX 2080 GAMING OC 8GB
16gb DDR4 Ballistix Sport
4k 60hz Samsung monitor
Corsair H100i V2 Water Cooler AIO
Fractal Design Meshify C (w/ 4 case fans total