News ElecGear's Insane M.2-2280 SSD Cooler Will Blow You Away


Jun 4, 2008
I am not sure about the usefulness of such a drastic cooling method for a SSD, but at least price is decent.
The HP All-In-One Big Vat o Oil cooling system really isn't far off. If everything needs specialized cooling, and we seem to be going that way, pretty soon the 2 cooler custom loops are going to look downright quaint.


Dec 15, 2008
Do you guys remember those electric bug-destroying "guns" that were essentially vaccums that kids could run around with in the summer and chop up little bugs?

I imagine this thing sounds like that.


Sep 5, 2014
I am not sure about the usefulness of such a drastic cooling method for a SSD, but at least price is decent.

Based on personal experience this would depend on many factors including SSD itself, case airflow and most importantly usage. In most consumer scenarios you are unlikely to put enough load on that SSD for it to get really hot but in work usage, they can get blistering hot and this results in throttling. So while it won't fail, you just won't get the performance you paid for. Regarding this specific cooler, I'm not sure one would be able to fit it as most boards have NVMe drive obstructed by other hardware. But like you said, at least price is reasonable so would be worth trying. I'd start with just a HW monitor to see where your SSD temps are and if you even card to bother with something like this. I might worry about its weight on the SSD and slot as neither is designed to bear the heft of such a cooler.


Feb 6, 2020
I have one of these to help cool an second, lower (on the mobo) NVMe that the normal aesthetic aluminum slab "heatsink" on the mobo couldn't. Main thing I don't like is that it's effectively installed "backwards", pushing air against the flow coming from front-mounted fans, and looking rather out-of-place when everything else is set up in front-back and bottom-up airflow pattern. Noise at full power isn't very notable vs the soft "whoosh" of air coming from the front fans (which were set at a higher RPM more to pull air through the fine dust filters I installed for dust management). My main concern is actually the longevity of the fan, as it doesn't look like replacement fans are readily available and if it somehow dies, I'd have to rubber-band or zip-tie a tiny Noctua to it, further ruining the aesthetic.

Installing it with the fan facing the proper way is a major PITA, if not borderline impossible, simply due to the way the copper pipe is in the way of the M.2 screw even when angled off.


I'd like to see Tom's request a test sample and give it a proper review.

More fodder for the best cooler article.

Even passive I can see this working much better than a grooved aluminum slab.
Actually, this looks like a fairly clever design and if the performance is even half of advertised, probably a very good option. I too would like to see Tom's or another site do a legitimate review on this product as it's relevance might become increasingly obvious as these drives get hotter and hotter, since they are already problematic enough in some scenarios to warrant the use of some form of cooling.
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Jun 27, 2014
The only thing that's "insane" is using such a clickbait word in the title. Usually means that the author is insecure about the content.
The only thing that's "insane" is using such a clickbait word in the title. Usually means that the author is insecure about the content.
Surely you can find something more realistically problematic about, well, whatever you want to find something undesirable about, than the use of the word insane. Seems like a ................reach, to me. Insane is pretty commonly used these days, albeit more loosely than I'd prefer, to describe a great many things, anything in fact, that is outside the realm of normal and in terms of coolers, this type of tubular design is definitely outside the realm of normal for this type of cooler. And in terms of if the 12-24 degree thermal drop is accurate, if it is, then that is definitely "insane" because I haven't seen any other M.2 coolers that come anywhere near that.

I don't see insecurity being a factor here in any reasonable manner.


Feb 17, 2019
The heat sinks in my new Motherboard should do the job just fine.... BUT... I want one, (or more), it is just plain Cool! Its the same reason I bought Nice Brushed Aluminum Valve Covers for my Small Block Chevys back in 70s/80s. Fun Stuff
I'd be doubtful that passive cooling would be "same results". I've tried both passive heatsinks, and then this, which provided much better cooling (About 6°C better) than either of the well recommended heatsinks I had tried, and it didn't even HAVE a heatsink, it's just a fan mount, so.....

But since there's been no testing of the device in question that's just conjecture anyhow.
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