Question Electrical engineering student looking for laptop to run applications

Jan 5, 2021
Hello, just looking for opinions of what laptops any of you would recommend.

  1. Open to prices upwards of $1800.
  2. I suppose around a 15" screen.
  3. I would prefer the 3840x2160 display but I know they can get expensive.
  4. Portable laptop.
  5. Alot of variables that play into power consumption but I feel confident I will usually have a charger nearby so maybe 10 hours doing normal, low load tasks.
  6. I already have a gaming laptop so this will be solely for work.
  7. Able to run matlab, simulink, python, c languages, photoshop applications, maybe light 3D editing apps.
  8. 500gb of storage is fine.
  9. I'm not very knowledgable of sites to buy from, just mainstream ones like newegg but I am open to suggestions.
  10. I would like to keep my laptop in good condition for at least 5 years or so.
  11. Basic disk drive for CD installation
  12. I am open to brands! I have owned an Asus, and MSI in the past.
  13. I live in the USA.
  14. And thanks for being welcoming everyone, and helping me out.
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