Question Electrical noise through headphones/speakers

May 27, 2019
Hello, for months I've been hearing an electrical noise while gaming. This is a video recorded with my phone, I put the speakers next to my phone so the sound can be heard.

The pitch of the sound gets higher depending on my fps in games. The loudness is not always the same, some days it's not/ barely audible at uncapped fps. On other days it's as loud as the game sound. Restarting doesn't change anything. This noise is something different from normal audio output, changing volume on my headset doesn't make it any less loud. One weird thing I noticed is that keeping the headphone cable stretched in a straight line makes the noise less loud then just having the cable hanging, but obviously I don't want to sit 5m away from my pc.
Have no idea what to do anymore, things I've tried:
Replaced Power supply.
Bought a UPS and let the pc run on the battery so it would get 100% clean power.
Replaced the whole motherboard.
Replaced a hard drive, I was suspecting the hdd to be the problem because I was having issues writing to the disk, it would jump from 0% to 100% usage for saving a 1mb video and never go down in usage again. Restarting after this could take 5 minutes. However, even with the SATA and power cable unplugged from this drive there's no noticable change in the noise at all.
Updated all drivers / BIOS.
unplugged all peripherals.

pc is only a year old
cpu: i5 8500
gpu: 1060 6gb
Storage: 240gb goldenfir ssd
1 tb and a 2tb hdd (the 1tb one was not working properly, has no programs on it anymore, have everything on the ssd rn)
motherboard: Gigabyte B360M D3H-CF (U3E1)
PSU: be quiet! System Power 9 600W

It hasn't always been like this, this started around half a year ago. Another issue I've been having since I put my pc together which may/ may not be related is internet crashes. My internet disconnects for ~10 seconds when the lamps in the bathroom are turned on/off. It won't crash every time but all lamps at once will 99% make my internet disconnect. This is why I replaced the power supply and let the pc run on a UPS battery, it had no effect. An older pc and a laptop on the same internet cable didn't crash once when turning the bathroom lights on/off. Sound is not audible outside of speakers / headphones so this is also not coilwhine. I really don't know what to do about this, all temperatures are normal, in taksmanager everything's also normal. And I can't find anyone having the same issues. Please help.



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