Electrical problem with laptop


Apr 22, 2012
I was working with an arduino and a couple of motors when i added a 9-volt battery to my breadboard.

since i'm an idiot i forgot to unplug the arduino from my laptop and everything shut down.

After a couple of minutes i could turn the laptop on again and it booted normally but when it finished the processor was working on 50-80% constantly and it couldn't load any programs.

I then tried to boot it in safe mode and everything worked normally. In safe mode i did a disc cleanup and a system restore and when it booted normally everything worked again.

it worked fine for a couple of days but when i booted it yesterday it was back to running extremely slow and unable to load programs in normal mode.

after working in safe mode it now works again.

do any of you know what the problem is and whether there is a more permanent fix for it?

some process is using CPU resources
open task manager if you are running windows by pressing cntrl-alt-delete
select process tab
look at cpu usage for each process when this is happening
if you can identify the process that is using the cpu then use your search box or run command to run "msconfig"
in msconfig you can control what processes run on your computer and uncheck them
then reboot
also you can right click on my computer icon or in start menu
go to manage
go to services and turn it off from there

let me know if that helps