Question Electrical static sound from PC when I move my mouse

Jan 30, 2022
Hello, I just noticed that this sound is coming from my PC everytime I move the mouse. (Sound is something similar to this case)
I googled around and found nothing except people telling it is coil whine or audio ground loop.
So, I tried different USB ports, disconnecting my little audio card, different mice - sound is still hehe. The only time it was absent is when I tried bluetooth mouse.
I also just installed new Nvidia drivers and maybe it started after that - I tried to do clean reinstall and installing previous version - sound still here - but one thing is interesting. The sound is absent while drivers is being installed, so I have no idea if issue is in the GPU drivers.
Also tried deleting last Windows update, still nothing.

Has anyone met this issue? Is it solvable? More importantly - is it harmful?