Question Electronic clicking/ticking sound coming from Dell G5 5000 desktop

Jan 8, 2021
Hey guys, hoping someone can help me identify what this clicking sound is.
I purchased a new Dell G5 5000 desktop and it's been making an occasional ticking/clicking sound right from the get go. It sounds more electronic than mechanical, but I'm no expert. Happens very irregularly, sometimes once every 10 minutes, sometimes multiple times a minute. Sometimes just one click, sometimes 5-6 clicks in quick succession. Doesn't seem to be related to any kind of stress on the computer becuase it's frequency doesn't change based on whether the computer is just idling or I'm playing a game. All hardware status checks I've done say there's nothing wrong with the computer, and updating everything also didn't make a difference. I'm pretty confident it's coming from the hard drive (I opened it up to hear/see better), and so were the Dell tech guys, so I sent it back in and they replaced the hard drive, but the computer is still making the noise. Any insights would be appreciated - would like to figure out what it is before the return window closes!

Note: I can elicit the sound by checking the status of the hard drive in command prompt using: wmic diskdrive get status
Video of sound: -- note: I'm using the above mentioned method to elicit the sound and that's why its so regular in rhythm in this video

Any and all help is appreciated!
I don't have sound on the system I'm on right now, so can't hear your video, but if you're convinced it's the hard drive, disconnect it and boot a linux live cd/usb and see if you still have the issue. If so, contact Dell again!
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