Question Electronic Interference in Headphones!


Jun 18, 2018
I bought myself some EKSA E900 Pro headphones. They use analog for the microphone input and the audio. However, they can't do 7.1 Surround Sound without an additional USB plugged in. My issue is, when I plug the USB in as well, I get this buzz over my headphones. In OBS, it appears in both the microphone input (so the buzz is picked up and then feeds back into my computer) and I can hear it in the headphones themselves (Listen To Device is turned off, if I do turn it on however, the buzzing noise is doubled in intensity).

I've changed the USB port I plug it into, and the intensity of the buzzing changes depending on what USB I plug it into. It also increases slightly when I move my wireless mouse (I've unplugged it and turned it off, the mouse isn't the source of the issue, just helps to increase it when moving). It seems to be worse when I plug the USB directly into my motherboard's (MSI X570 Gaming Plus) USB slots, followed by the USBs built into my case. The buzz is the quietest when I plug it into a USB 3.0 Hub, though it is still annoyingly present.

I've done a bit of searching, and when people get interference from their PC it seems the default option is to get a separate soundcard. However it seems all the soundcards don't have a USB connection, just analog. To be clear, this buzzing only is active when the USB is plugged in. If I plug in soley the aux and mic, absolutely no buzzing or other interference can be heard, or picked up feeding back into the mic. I'm somewhat out of options, and at a loss of what to do. My PC is primarily for gaming, and not only is this buzzing very irritating, it feeds back to my microphone so I can't use that to communicate either (when the USB is plugged in).