Question electrostatic discharge in an electrical storm

Apr 10, 2021
Hi, I get the internet through a fixed wireless connection with an antenna on my roof, one that is not grounded. During an electrical storm, an electrostatic charge built up in the antenna housing which is not grounded and discharged down through the coax, through the double insulated ungrounded fixed wireless equipment (killing it) through the ethernet cable to the ungrounded modem (killing that) out via the ethernet cable connected to my PC which of course is grounded. My PC is undamaged apart from my Graphics card which is now not recognised by the bios. How do I determine if the GPU is dead? Or how do I get the bios to recognise the GPU? The onboard GPU on the motherboard is working fine. And no it was not a lightning strike but the lightning did strike a one hundred foot tower 50 feet from the antenna causing an EM burst resulting in the electrostatic discharge.