Question Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk2 + Switch game capture problem ?


Sep 19, 2012
I built a new system a while back and decided recently to use my old system to capture gameplay. Personal use, not youtube. I installed an Elgato 4k60 Pro Mk2 which seems to be working fine, aside from my problem. I've been using my Switch on a 4k tv with a Marseille Mclassic for a couple years now with no problems. It smooths out the jaggies pretty well, which is quite noticeable. I can connect the Switch directly to the capture card and record without issue, but when I throw in the Mclassic is says "no signal".

The Mclassic works just fine on my tv, but capture card reports no signal. It's powered and connected correctly. Bypass to the tv has nothing either. Same with 4k capture utility and OBS. Elgato CS was no help, but Marseille recommended turning off the record in HDR box, which I did. No success. Marseille CS also told me they use an Mclassic with their 4k60 pro, so I'm obviously missing something. I've messed around with EDID...and pretty much every setting I can find with no success. Running a search on this issue brings up pretty much nothing. Does anyone have an ideas? It's driving me crazy.