emachine T6528 question?


Oct 30, 2005

This forum doesn't seem very busy, but I've read quite a few good informative topics, so here goes.

I have a custom computer that I believe is in need of what for me is a major upgrade - new motherboard/chipset, probably new PSU, new graphics card - in other words expensive.

In the meantime, as I save for all of that then have to wait to get my tech buddy to build/burn in/test everything, we need a computer! And I don't want to spend alot.

So, I'm looking at this: http://www.emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=T6528

Can't find any reviews on it anywhere. I would want to change the PSU as I have always heard that theirs are skimpy ... I like dual fan (have a thermaltake 420 in my current computer) and AMD recommends them. I also will want to get a PCI-e graphics card as we do alot of flash-type games (Neopets) and the site in general is graphics heavy. Also will be using PSP to make graphics, have cable internet so I like to watch music videos, etc. I would probably get an external USB floppy (yes, we do sometimes still use those). And RAM - I'd probably want to take out whatever it is they use and use 2 512 sticks (right now using Kingston valueram, but it's only PC2100 so I don't think I could use those).

Anyone have this computer? Thoughts on it? Ideas/suggestions on PSU/RAM/PCI-e card that won't break my budget for the next year? I'm disabled on a fixed income, so every penny counts. At the same time I don't want to skimp, especially on the PSU. If the motherboard/chip is the "brains", to me the PSU is the "heart".

Also interested in anyone who's been able to mod an eMachine case for front air intake (like one of those 3 20mm HD fans) for more air. Those cases are small!

Thanks for your time :)


May 12, 2006
My last computer was an eMachines, had a terrible experience with it, worked fine for 1 year, then it crashed, and When I called tech support they refuse to help, asked me to pay them, so i said F*** you, and built my own comp, why dont you go with a dell or hp/compaq, you can find dell coupons and deals at

www.deals2buy.com at the top look for Dell Deals link click on it then scroll down until you start seeing desktops, and you can get coupon codes and get a dual core processor, as low as $549 some times with an LCD screen. just gotta look around, and if you get lucky...

I would never buy another eMachines, nor will I recomend it to anyone

Heres some current deals...


I use it a lot too. You hit the "categories" button and then try computer laptops - iNeverPayRetail.com They also feature coupon codes I found a desktop for under $200!!!